Waterproof vinyl floor board/Spc floor/WPC floor/PVC floor

Product Specifications:        SpecificationWood specificationsOakPlank thickness3.5mm ~ 6.0mmWear layer (Mil)4 mil - 22 milColor/Finish familyBrownCommercial/ResidentialCommerical/ResidentialTextured Surface√Water Resistant√Stain Resistant√Scratch Resistant√AdvantageEasy click to

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Product Specifications:

        Waterproof Vinyl Flooring Plank/Spc Floor/WPC Floor/PVC FlooringSpecification
Wood specificationsOak
Plank thickness3.5mm ~ 6.0mm
Wear layer (Mil)4 mil - 22 mil
Color/Finish familyBrown
Textured Surface
Water Resistant
Stain Resistant
Scratch Resistant
AdvantageEasy click to install /Labor costs saving /Super stability /Eco-friendly
AppliciationHome decoration /Hotels /Commercial buildings /Office /Schools /Hospitals
FinishUV coating
Installation metholdLocking
Indoor/outdoorIndoor only
warranty limited lifetime
Plank Size (Inches)7.25 x 48", 6 x 36"; 9 x 48" ...

Waterproof Vinyl Flooring Plank/Spc Floor/WPC Floor/PVC Flooring

The superiority of BEAUTY FLOORING

Vinyl flooring produced by BEAUTY FLOORING have the strict QC system, each producing process is strictly inspected.
Quality control at procurement of raw materials

From the raw materials it purchased from raw materials factory, BEAUTY FLOORING set a document and store the raw materials we purchased from last time, when receiving the same raw materials, BEAUTY FLOORING will examine the components of raw materials and compare it, if raw materials is the same as before, BEAUTY FLOORING will use it, otherwise, these raw materials will be refused and start to find a second company who achieve the standards to purchase it.

Quality control at hot pressing process
As for hot pressing process, setting a flow card is a daily works into BEAUTY FLOORING, this process is strictly supervised by the flow card like the temperature of hot pressing process, how long the hot pressing process is for different products, who makes the semi-finished products into hot pressing process, each detail shall be wrote into this flow card, as for the workers who operate into the next process, it is clear to know that when this product is made and how long it is made.

Besides, when hot processing process, BEAUTY FLOORING start to do the first self-quality inspection process, as different products have different the temperature for hot processing process, even if the same products into the different layers of the hot pressing machines have a possibility that the same colors for semi-finished products is different, thus, once the same colors into the hot pressing process have color difference, all of the production for this color will be finished immediately and find the reasons why this colour have this problem, when this problem is solved smoothly, the production for this colour into hot pressing process will be re-started again.

Quality control at UV and annealing process

UV and annealing process supervised by flow card, into this flow card, the details like the date of annealing products, the temperature of outlet of annealing line and what the annealing speed is, all of vinyl flooring shall be put into health museum at least 48 hours after annealing. In BEAUTY FLOORING, annealing process is run each day, another important advantages for flow card is to note and distinguish what products will be operated by punching and what products shall be still put into the health museum for workers.

Quality control at punching process

From punching process, BEAUTY FLOORING start to do the second process for self-inspection, when some products have some quality problems like each layer of semi-finished products is separated and the dirt onto the surface of semi-finished products during punching process, all of these products will be selected and then be disposal into the smash machines.

Quality control at making click system

As for making click system for the products that need to make the click system, BEAUTY FLOORING start to do the third process for self-inspection, some points like squareness, straightness and gap between two pieces of click products when jointing, thus, BEAUTY FLOORING have its test machines like mould of squareness, straightness, the mould of different click system, these mould are constantly used into making click system to 100% guarantee that all of click products will be as perfect as possible.

Quality control at packing process
Lastly, into the packing process, BEAUTY FLOORING start to do the forth process for self-inspection, when packing of finished products, some points like colour difference for the same colors and crash of click products, regarding the products that have these problems, all will be selected and be disposal. Besides, even though there is the dust adhering to the finished products into the making click system process, this dust will be wiped and cleaned.

BEAUTY FLOORING believe that, making vinyl flooring is not the high technical but is regarded as a tough attitude to make the finished products as flawless as possible for each client who trusts BEAUTY FLOORING.

                Waterproof Vinyl Flooring Plank/Spc Floor/WPC Floor/PVC Flooring
  Our factory
Waterproof Vinyl Flooring Plank/Spc Floor/WPC Floor/PVC Flooring

Waterproof Vinyl Flooring Plank/Spc Floor/WPC Floor/PVC Flooring



Are you company factory or trade company?
A:  We are the leading vinyl flooring factory in China to produce glue down, vinyl click flooring, loose lay, floating vinyl flooring, SPC flooring and EVP flooring.
How about the delivery time?
A: Lead time is around 25 - 30 days for 1 to 5 containers after receiving the deposit, if the amount is over 5 containers, the deliver time shall be discussed further.
What is the MOQ?
A: Generally, if the regular colors is chosen, there is NO MOQ, if the unique colors is chosen, the MOQ shall be discussed together.
Is it possible to accept a customized solution (color, shape or image)?
A:  Yes, the unique requirement also can be accepted here, these unique requirement is from the color, embossing, shape, size and so on.
Can you supply me the samples and the real samples in catalogue?
A:  Yes , we have our professional working teams to make real samples for free.
How do you guarantee the quality of your vinyl flooring?
A:  From procurement of raw materials to finished products; from producing back layers to adding UV, annealing and placing in health museum, each segment is strictly implemented in accordance with European standard. Moreover, be assured of physical properties including shrinking and curling, peel resistance, coating adhesion and gloss, Beauty Flooring company is to follow the plan, do, check, act (PDCA) process to provide the best products practice.
What is our vinyl flooring warranty?
A: our vinyl flooring have the different warranty years it depends on what type of vinyl flooring you choose, generally, the warranty for our vinyl flooring have the better level products, the best level products and premium level products, the wear limit warranty is from 10 years to 30 years.

Regarding our producing vinyl flooring

Is your luxury vinyl flooring waterproof?
A:  Only the flooring material itself is 100% waterproof. Moisture and flooding can still affect the subfloor/substrate beneath, causing the installation to fail. However, flooring material can be removed, allowed to dry and reinstalled.

Is vinyl durable?
A:  Yes. Vinyl is a very durable product and is an excellent choice for high traffic areas or in areas with moisture issues, such as bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms. 

Is LVT a good product for rental properties?
A:  More and more landlords are using the click LVT instead of replacing carpet.  The life expectancy of the LVT exceeds the carpet.
What are the advantages of vinyl flooring?
A:  Vinyl flooring is good looking, affordable and versatile. It is appropriate to use vinyl anytime you want to cover more square footage at a more economical cost. vinyl flooring is durable, is not affected by surface moisture (like hardwood flooring), is stain resistant, and can look good and last for decades. It is relatively easy to clean and maintain.


The longest UV and annealing line (over 100 meters) is made the physical property of producing vinyl flooring more stable.

Equipped with advanced facilities and auxiliary like YASUDA SLOTTING MACHINES (click here to see pictures of YASUDA ) and projectors to make the accuracy of click products (luxury vinyl click flooring, spc flooring, floating vinyl flooring and evp flooring) as perfected as possible.

Cooperated with top printed layer companies from TAIWAN to provide you the most suitable colours according to your living areas, at the same time, our designing team open and develop some unique colours to satisfy the needs of individuals.

Our sales teams will be online 24hours/7 days, so if you ask a question or send a query, our sales teams will reply you at the shortest time

Establishment of archives for all purchased raw materials like polyvinyl chloride to be assured that the quality of raw materials is kept the same, also, setting up a archives of the finished products you import to make sure that the products from each different order is the same.

Implementation of some specific strategies to make sure that you are not only a buyer but also a strategic partner, regarding the polices if you choose you, welcome to leave your messages.


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